Tom Brady Speaks Out on Bill Belichick’s Coaching Legacy 2

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick achieved six Super Bowl victories as a collaborative force with the New England Patriots. However, during a Netflix roast, the quarterback made a subtle criticism of his former head coach. During the Netflix show “The Roast of Tom Brady,” NFL icon Tom Brady playfully criticized his former coach, Bill Belichick.

Brady and Belichick, who jointly guided the New England Patriots to six Super Bowl triumphs, have been the topic of extensive discussion on who was the genuine mastermind behind the team’s accomplishments.

Bill Belichick's record without Tom Brady: How legendary Patriots coach has fared before, after divorce with QB | Sporting News

Following his departure from the Patriots in 2019, Brady proceeded to secure another Super Bowl victory with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, while Belichick and the Patriots have encountered difficulties in recent times.

Brady made a pointed remark aimed directly at his old coach, asking: “During the time I have been absent from the game, I am interested to know the exact number of Super Bowl rings you have acquired since my departure.”

He stated: “Perhaps it is not solely the individual on the sideline… When I attended the Indy500, I resisted approaching the winning driver’s pit area and inquired, “Excuse me, may I ask who fueled your vehicle?”

The evening was replete with taunts directed at Brady, with Belichick himself taking hold of the microphone to offer a few witty remarks, accompanied by a multitude of celebrities and Brady’s former colleagues.

Tom Brady pays tribute to 'best coach in the history of the NFL' Bill Belichick after 71-year-old says he's leaving Patriots | CNN

Belichick couldn’t resist making a critical comment about Brady’s involvement with Birmingham City FC, a soccer team that recently dropped down from the EFL Championship after Brady became a co-owner last year.

He sarcastically remarked: “I noticed that your soccer team, Birmingham City, has been relegated to a lower tier in the English football leagues.” For those who are unfamiliar with English football and the complexities of its arcane regulatory structure… let me clarify: they are not proficient.

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