Zodiac signs you can trust to keep their promises, ranked

Despite their deception, Scorpios are proud. Getting them to pledge may be like pulling teeth, but once they do, they'll do anything to keep it.   


Anxious, neurotic Virgo analyzes every scenario to prepare for the worst. If they make a promise, they've probably considered all options and this looks like the best choice.  


Capricorn's practicality prevents them from making unattainable promises. They revere friends and family and never break their promises.   


How others see Leo affects their self-image. They'll do anything to safeguard their reputation, thus they usually keep their word.   


Taurus are honest and upfront, but they always want to move ahead. They know breaking commitments is pointless.   


Aries takes promises seriously despite their impulsivity. However, they talk before thinking.  


Sagittarius promises the moon and stars, and they believe they can deliver (bless their honest but overambitious souls).  


Scorpio, you become the total of the five individuals closest to you. Meaning, who you surround yourself with is important.   


Pisces, like Sagittarius, has a vivid imagination, but then their emotions take over and their mood changes, and they may have stated they would do the thing but didn't mean it.  


Chatty Libra likes to satisfy everyone. They hate seeing others sad. They'll pledge anything to make things easier, but when it comes time to walk the walk, they find they're in over their heads.   


Aquarius is good at keeping self-promises. They promise others? It depends. Aquarius hates being confined.   


Great people-pleasers! Geminis can say anything with earnestness to gain your trust, then forget it after you leave.