Zendaya Romeo And Juliet Premiere Outfit Goes Viral

During their departure from the venue, Zendaya was seen clutching Tom's hand while wearing a black Andreas Kronthaler dress that was designed for Vivienne Westwood.  

She was giving off tremendous Shakespearean vibes. The attire was characterized by a top with drawstrings, puffy sleeves, and dazzling embellishments of a very small size.  

A layered brown necklace, little hoop earrings, and what appeared to be black Louboutin boots were the accessories that Zendaya donned to complement her outfit. She had her hair in a bun that was pushed back.  

She dressed in a theme, and others thought it was so adorable and great that she did it!  

On Reddit, a fan expressed their admiration by writing, "Okay, the way you dressed for your boyfriend's event is completely adorable."  

I absolutely adore the dress. It would be nice if I had it in my own closet.The fact that Zendaya chooses to wear a theme dress without even walking the red carpet is memorable.  

The third remark read, "I'm completely obsessed." "The dress is gorgeous and I love the necklace."  

A person I saw on Instagram also stated something along the lines of, "Zendaya said she's going to be the only Juliet around here," which made me laugh out loud.  

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