You're intelligent and have 20/20 vision if you spot the lost shoes in 60 seconds.  

If you can find seven missing summer shoes in 60 seconds, you may have hawk eyes.In under 30 seconds, only 1% can find them all.  

Mr. Q.'s vivid beach brainteaser will make you think about a pleasant sea breeze and sand between your toes.  

This puzzle's author wants you to find the flip-flops before sunset.  

This 60-second task requires rapid thinking.Some beach shoes are obvious, while others demand a closer look.  

From left to right, look near the beach umbrellas.The typical individual takes 63 seconds to find all seven, but you can do it faster.  

Still need help? We've circled the answers below.  

That was fun—let's try again.  

Still no luck? Not to worry—the solution is circled underneath.  

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