2 Zodiac Signs Experience Abundance On May 15, After Mercury Enters Taurus

Your words have great power on the road to prosperity and success because they will shape the life you have always imagined  

Not only do you speak to yourself aloud when you convey your goals, but you also speak to yourself in private when you tell yourself not to give up or back down from a struggle.   

You have to speak to yourself and other people to express what you mean, what you deserve,  

and what you dream about in order to manifest an abundant life. By doing this, you lay the groundwork for ongoing prosperity and plenty at every instant.  

On Wednesday, May 15, Mercury, the planet of communication, will enter Taurus. This will facilitate your ability to communicate and lay the groundwork for future prosperity and success.   

Taurus indicates an aura of luxury and an awareness of the feeling of riches around you, even though it is a loving earth sign and one of the rulers of Venus, the planet of financial wealth.   

You'll be thinking about how to position yourself for success in the future and an opulent abundant existence when Mercury enters Taurus.   

Abundance Affirmation: I am investing in the abundance of my future happiness. Give yourself a moment to pause to reflect on all you must do and what brings you the greatest joy. You are being guided to think about success differently, including your career, an area of your life that is usually of the greatest importance. 


Abundance Affirmation: I am creating a profound chapter of success within my career. Jupiter is just beginning to end its journey in Taurus after spending the past year in this area of your life. 


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