Yellowstone's Kevin Costner defends giving his son his acting debut in new movie

Kevin Costner has defended putting his kid in his latest film, Horizon: An American Saga.  

The Yellowstone actor is finally releasing the first installment of his Western quadrilogy, which he first attempted to make in the late 1980s.  

In addition to directing, co-writing, starring, and funding the film, he cast his son Hayes Costner in it (albeit not as the character's son).  

Kevin explained his decision to Metro, saying: "(Hayes) had never acted before, and I don't automatically give parts to my children because I know how coveted this is.  

"There are young people who would do anything to get a role in a film, and I want those kids to shine. If my children aren't interested in the business, I won't offer them anything because I know this is a dream for other people."  

Kevin went on to say, "I'm also a parent, and it was a short part, and I wanted him close to me. I was away from home and needed my family close by, so this was a means for me to trap him. I felt he was stunningly handsome in the film."

The actor went on to say that the connection between his son and the film goes beyond him acting in it, as he'd always had Hayes in mind for the lead role.  

Between the inception and release of the film, Kevin opted to use the name for his baby.  

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