Tomato Kimchi with Chive

A cool kimchi that can be made in less than 20 minutes! This Tomato Kimchi with Chives will become your go-to recipe for homemade kimchi flavors! You'll be so satisfied with the extra crunch of fresh onions and chives! Try this delicious kimchi today!

After cooking Tomato Kimchi several times in my kitchen, I realized how delicious it is on its own or with other major dishes. And what about the colors?

They're so brilliant and wonderful for that lovely table arrangement! When you attempt this dish with my secret sauce, you will notice how fantastic each veggie tastes and comes alive! The key to making such cool and tasty kimchi is finally out!

You can use any sort of tomato, but they should be firm to the touch. You want to search for medium-ripened tomatoes, 

which are slightly ripened so that you receive the sweetness but remain firm to the touch. The softer ones will contain too much water and may lose form once you begin chopping them.

It's not a big deal, but I discovered that chopping them into half-moon shapes helped when marinating and picking them up with chopsticks.

You don't want to cut the tomatoes too thin or too small, as this may increase the water content of the kimchi.

This tomato kimchi tastes best the day it's made. I would recommend consuming within two days. Keep in mind that the tomatoes contain a lot of water. You do not want to wind up with tomato juice.

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