The Best Steak and Eggs Recipe

Steak and Eggs is a protein-packed skillet supper that tastes exceptionally good thanks to a garlic, parsley, and vinegar sauce.  

This is one of those meals for when you're simply hungry. When you haven't had a decent, satisfying, protein-rich meal in a while, you know?   

Steak and eggs are quick, simple, and incredibly delicious! For starters, we're discussing bone-in ribeye steak! And, when you add the flawlessly fried eggs,   

which are cooked in the same skillet as the steak, and a flavorful blended garlic and herb sauce, this dish will fill you up and satisfy your yearning for a nice square meal.  

Steak and eggs are an excellent breakfast or brunch option to begin a vacation or long weekend. You might also choose to make it as a hearty breakfast-for-dinner, or brinner.  

It's a pleasant difference from carb-heavy breakfast sweets, though I do like those occasionally. If you've never made steak and eggs at home before, I hope this recipe inspires you to try it because it's so simple!  

This meal shines because of its simple yet fresh components. If you want to make the greatest steak and eggs imaginable, use high-quality, fresh ingredients.   

The sauce is particularly vivid with fresh lemon, garlic, and parsley - a simple chimichurri sauce, if you will.  

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