Thanksgiving Appetizers to Include on Your Menu

Sausage-stuffed Fried Olives. Cheese Croustades. Carrots à Croûte—the dishes surrounding your main course make or break the Thanksgiving spread 

We've gathered a variety of Thanksgiving appetizer ideas to help you plan the perfect snack buffet.    

Think dips, toasts, and toothpick-based delicacies like Spicy Lamb Meatballs.    

We have lots of cheese, fresh fall vegetables, and portable snacks to create Thanksgiving appetizers that will get everyone excited about the meal.   

n this decadent appetizer, creamy Brie is topped with a spiced fruit and nut mixture and wrapped in a buttery, crisp robe of golden brown puff pastry. 

For extra-gooey results, use a double-cream Brie and substitute other fruit and nuts as desired — apples   

Persimmons, plums, or pawpaws would all work well here. To finish, drizzle honey over the crust and sprinkle with flaky sea salt.   

Five distinct alliums, including shallots, scallions, and sweet, yellow, and red onions, add layers of flavor to this classic caramelized onion dip.   

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