Sushi Bowl

When I want to eat sushi but don't want to make it, I use this sushi bowl recipe instead. It's simple to make (no rolling necessary!), yet it still has all of the flavors and textures I desire in a good vegetable sushi roll.

Creamy avocado complements sticky seasoned rice, which contrasts with crisp, refreshing cucumbers and crackly nori. I add ripe mango for sweetness, baked tofu for protein,

and generous drizzles of spicy mayonnaise for richness and fire. I prefer to prepare the ingredients ahead of time and eat this sushi bowl for a midweek lunch, but it also makes a fun, refreshing evening.

This sushi bowl dish begins with quick sushi rice. Why take shortcuts? True sushi rice is created from specific types of Japanese short-grain rice that are thoroughly cooked, seasoned, and chilled. 

You may find out more about preparing it here. Because we are preparing a sushi bowl rather than actual sushi, this recipe is a little more adaptable.

Cook any sort of rice you like (my faves are short-grain white and brown rice), then while it's still warm, season it with rice vinegar, sugar, and salt to give it the trademark sweet and tangy sushi rice flavor.

Baked tofu is delicious, peppery, and crispy around the edges. My air fryer tofu works well here too!

Mango - One of my favorite aspects of sushi is the interplay of sweet and savory flavors, so I love using sliced mango as a sweet, juicy component in this bowl. It pairs wonderfully with the creamy avocado and spicy mayonnaise.

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