Spot the 4 Mistakes Picture Puzzle IQ Test: Only detective minds can spot the 4 Mistakes in this Image in 12 Sec

A brain teaser is a puzzle or issue that demands both creative and critical thinking to solve. They frequently use lateral thinking or alternative techniques to reach a solution.   

Brain teasers take numerous forms, including riddles, logic puzzles, mathematical difficulties, and visual challenges.  

The purpose is usually to stimulate thought and engage the mind in problem solving, with a hint of surprise or ingenuity in the solution. They're a fun way to work out your brain and may be done alone or with friends.  

In this problem, you must discover four faults hidden inside the image in 12 seconds. Scan the image carefully, focusing on every aspect to identify any differences that stray from the usual or appear out of place.  

Train your detective mentality to spot small irregularities that others may miss. Each error you discover puts you closer to mastering this IQ exam and demonstrates your ability to observe and analyze accurately.   

Challenge yourself and see if you have the keen eye and quick wit needed to solve this puzzle!In this problem, four errors are carefully hidden within the image.   

To begin, the sky appears as a globe amid the clouds, which differs from how the sky is usually depicted. Second, the apple tree is depicted as a tomato plant, a subtle change that may be overlooked at first glance.  

Third, a plant is represented as a cup, a whimsical take on visual perception. Finally, the pond is playfully portrayed as a chicken, defying expectations and providing a sense of surprise to the image.  

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