Spot the 3 Mistakes Picture Puzzle IQ Test: Only 1 out of 10 can spot the 3 Mistakes in this Jogging Image in 12 seconds!

Brain teasers are puzzles or riddles designed to test one's reasoning and problem-solving abilities. 

They frequently use lateral thinking, logic, and creative reasoning to arrive at the correct answer or solution.

Math difficulties, wordplay, visual puzzles, and logical conundrums are some of the different types of brain teasers available. They are widely used for amusement, education, and mental exercises.

In "spot the mistakes" puzzles, the aim is usually to discover three slight or not-so-subtle defects in the supplied image.

These flaws could include wrong details, misplaced items, irregularities in patterns or colors, or even logical faults within the scenario. 

 Participants must carefully examine the image and study each piece to identify the discrepancies.

The challenge is often recognizing these errors in a timely manner, which requires both observational abilities and cognitive processing spee

Three errors have been detected in the jogging image puzzle. For starters, there are two moons visible in the sky, which is an astronomical impossibility and an obvious mistake.

Second, one of the jogger's shoes appears to be missing, indicating an anomaly in the image

Finally, closer scrutiny reveals grapes growing on the shrub in front of the shot, which is unusual for a jogging path.

These three blunders test perception and attention to detail, resulting in an intriguing puzzle experience.

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