Spot the 3 Difference Picture Puzzle Game: Only 50/50 Vision Can Spot the 3 Differences in this Elephant and Giraffe Image in 15 Sec

Optical illusions are fascinating phenomena that toy with our perception, questioning how we interpret visual information.  

The Müller-Lyer illusion, which causes two lines of similar length to appear different when arrowheads are added to their ends, is one of the more well-known examples.  

Other types of optical illusions include ambiguous figures, in which the brain tries to interpret a single image in many ways, and motion illusions, in which static images give the impression of movement.  

In this picture puzzle game, you're given two images of elephants and giraffes to spot the differences between.  

Your objective is to carefully analyze the two photographs and find three small changes between them.  

With only 15 seconds on the clock, you'll need sharp eyes and quick reactions to detect all of the errors.  

Each alteration may be minor and easily missed, therefore pay special attention to every aspect, from the animal positions to the backdrop elements.  

Only people with extraordinary visual perception, also known as "50/50 vision," will be able to detect all three variations within the allocated time. Are you up to the challenge?   

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