This fresh, simple, and delicious spicy Korean cucumber salad is extremely simple to prepare. 

This salad is ideal for the hot weather we've been experiencing lately. This cucumber salad is best described as refreshing and light.

Cucumbers are an excellent complement to any diet, particularly during the hot summer months. Cucumbers are primarily water, but they also include a few vital electrolytes.

This salad would make an excellent post-workout snack to replace water and electrolytes in your body. 

Cucumbers also contain a high concentration of vitamin K. According to an article in Medical News Today, one cup of cucumber contains 8.5 micrograms (mcg) of vitamin K. 

A proper amount of vitamin K in the body has been linked to healthy, strong bones. I want to make this salad again right now because of the amazing health advantages. 

This dish requires very few ingredients. If you prepare a lot of Asian cuisine, you most likely already have all of these things on hand. 

This dish will only take about 10 minutes from start to finish. Cut up the cucumbers, carrots, and green onions, and then combine all of the ingredients. 

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