Should AI optical illusions with secret messages scare us?

– AI-generated optical illusions spark controversy, raising concerns about hidden subliminal messages.

– Fear that powerful entities could exploit AI art to manipulate public opinion for political or commercial gains.

– Some worry about the potential danger of humans using AI to control and influence other humans.

– Example shared on Twitter reveals the McDonald's logo embedded in an anime-style AI-generated illustration.

– Cocktail Peanut points out the subtlety of AI optical illusions, expressing concerns about their potential impact.

– Stable Diffusion-powered Hugging Face space, Diffusion Illusion HQ, creates mesmerizing yet potentially dangerous illusions.

– Accidental discovery of Monster Labs QR Control Net technique allows users to hide patterns or words in AI-generated scenes.

– Originally designed for artistic QR code generation, Monster Labs' tool becomes a tool for hidden messaging in AI art.

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