Sam Heughan of Outlander provides a behind-the-scenes video update on season eight.

– Sam Heughan, Outlander star, shared an Instagram video from the costume department, announcing the start of work on the eighth and final season.

– He teased fans about entering the "FINAL season" but reminded them there's still much to anticipate in season seven's second part airing next year.

– Season seven's first part concluded with Jamie, Claire, and Ian leaving America to return to Scotland, setting the stage for the upcoming episodes.

– Executive producer Maril Davis hinted that the second half of season seven is even more intense, filled with numerous ups and downs for the Fraser family.

– Heughan's update coincided with news that the Outlander prequel series, "Blood of My Blood," will begin filming in Scotland next year.

– The prequel focuses on the love story between Jamie's parents, Brian Fraser and Ellen MacKenzie.

– Showrunner Matthew B. Roberts described "Blood of My Blood" as a love story exploring the challenges of finding love in a time when it was considered a luxury, with marriages often arranged for political or financial reasons.

– Outlander fans can look forward to the culmination of the current season and the intriguing developments in the prequel series.

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