Roger Goodell confirms problem for Tom Brady

Tom Brady has been seeking approval to become a part owner of the Las Vegas Raiders for more than a year, but he has still not been granted ownership of the NFL team.  

The reason behind the team owners' rejection of Brady's contract has not been entirely evident up until now, but NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell recently provided some very insightful explanations.  

Roger Goodell stated in an interview conducted this week at the league's ownership meetings in Nashville that although Brady's contract has made headway, there is still "a little more to do."  

"I believe that there is progress being made," Commissioner Roger Goodell stated to the press. "We've held several meetings. We still need to work on this a little bit after the Finance Committee completed their work.  

Brady's current position as an analyst for Fox is a problem for the NFL, he confirmed, and he also offered some pretty significant insight into what might be preventing the deal from being approved by the league.  

“As a member of the media, what access would he have every week as he prepares for the broadcast of a game,” Goodell said. “And we’ve addressed that also. So we’re making progress on this.”

Usually, broadcasters have greater access to information in order to best prepare for upcoming games than the general public or rival teams.   

Brady has a direct relationship with one NFL team, so having more access to other teams could be problematic and a conflict of interest.  

Obviously, this is a problem for the league, and a problem for Brady as he wants to be both a commentator and a league owner. We’ll have to see how the league addresses it. 

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