Rare Bicentennial Quarter: $1 Million USD Value & 5 More $510,000 Gem

Rare Minting Error

The $1 million Bicentennial quarter is marked by an unusual minting fault. Minting errors occur when something goes wrong during the coin's creation process, resulting in unique variants. This quarter contains a major double die error, in which the design is struck twice and slightly offset, resulting in a doubled image.  

Exceptional Condition

This quarter has been kept in perfect condition, with no evidence of wear or handling. Coins in this perfect condition are extremely rare and highly sought after by collectors.  

Historical Context

As a commemorative coin celebrating a key event in American history, the Bicentennial quarter has added historical significance. Its distinctive design and limited production run make it a valuable collectible for collectors.  

Double Die Error

Similar to the $1 million quarter, these quarters contain a double die mistake. This inaccuracy is less evident than the one on the $1 million coin, yet it still results in a significant and important variation. The coins are also in near-mint condition, which increases their worth.

2. Off-Center Strike

Off-center strikes happen when the coin isn't properly aligned during minting, resulting in a misaligned design. These quarters with off-center strikes are unusual and valuable, especially in superb condition.

3. Wrong Planchet Error

These quarters were struck on planchets (metal blanks) designed for other coins like nickels and dimes. The incorrect planchet error is a fascinating quirk that considerably raises the coin's value.

4. Die Clash Error

Die clashes occur when the obverse and reverse dies strike each other without a planchet, resulting in mirrored impressions. These quarters with die clash defects are rare and highly valued by collectors.  

5. High-Grade Condition

Coins in particularly high condition, as assessed by reputable coin grading services, are highly valuable. These quarters have been kept in near-perfect condition, making them each worth $510,000.  

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