Rainbow salad

This vegan rainbow salad is healthful, fresh, and colorful. It is so much joy to eat. Clean out your fridge and prepare a healthy meal...it doesn't get any better!  

This really simple rainbow salad is ideal for detoxing after a long weekend or vacation. It's light but contains enough substance to keep you going!  

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Salad – quinoa or other grain – arugula or other green – carrot – cucumber – grape or cherry tomatoe – radishe – chickpea

Simple vinaigrette – olive oil – vinegar – salt – pepper – dijon mustard (optional)

First, prepare quinoa according to package instructions. Don't forget to rinse quinoa in a mesh strainer.

While quinoa is cooking, prepare vegetables. Peel and discard outside of carrots. Then peel into ribbons and set aside.

Half or quarter tomatoes. Then thinly slice cucumbers and radishes. Drain and rinse chickpeas.

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