May's Full Moon for Your Zodiac Sign  

This year's "Flower Moon," rising on May 23, peaks around 6:53 a.m. PT.  

Lunar enthusiasts are in for a treat as this month's extravaganza may begin on May 20 and end on May 26.   

May's full moon follows a new moon and "severe" solar storms that caused the Northern Lights!  

The cosmic event was visible across North America but had little astrological impact.  

astrologer Kyle Thomas predicts May's full moon will "bring heightened emotions, impulsive behavior and dramatic events" to each zodiac sign.  

Sagittarius will have a full Flower Moon.   

the ninth zodiac sign and axis partner of Air sign Gemini.  

"Zodiac signs that are on the same axis or polarity take place six months apart and have the same modality and rule similar themes," adds.  

Gemini and Sagittarius "rule communications," including "personal and professional connections throughout the world."  

Thomas adds "we are encouraged to pursue adventure, charge into the unknown and learn about how we relate to others and philosophize our place in the cosmos."  

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