Lemon Cake

The Best Lemon Cake Recipe is delicious, light, and fluffy, baked with fresh lemon juice and topped with lemon curd and cream cheese icing. This is the lemon cake of your dreams!

I enjoy baking cakes. This is one of my favorite baked treats to prepare, particularly for birthdays. My cake recipes are simple but delicious, using only fresh ingredients. You will want to lick the icing with a spoon, I guarantee it.

This is a light, fluffy, and extremely moist lemon cake dish with the creamiest lemon cream cheese icing. The lemon curd in the layers provides the perfect vibrant lemon flavor.

Oil: Choose a neutral-flavored oil like canola, vegetable, coconut, or olive oil. Make sure the oil is fresh; otherwise, it will leave a strong flavor.

Sugar: For this lemon cake recipe, use granulated sugar. Always use large-sized eggs in baking recipes.

Lemon Juice: Using freshly squeezed lemon juice in your homemade lemon cake is essential for achieving that bright citrus flavor.

Freshly squeezed juice improves the overall flavor of the cake. Bottled lemon juice frequently lacks the depth and brightness that fresh lemons offer.

Lemon Zest: Use a zester to remove only the lemon's outer layer (lemon zest). This provides a strong lemon flavor to cakes and icing.

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