Lainey Wilson Keeps It Real About Being Crowned the New Queen of Country Music

Life has been a rollercoaster for Lainey Wilson since she released her breakout album Bell Bottom Country in 2022. 

Since then, she has launched singles to the top of the charts, won awards, and traveled around the world.  

Things got a little crazier for her this month when she won the ACM Entertainer of the Year Award while still carrying the same title from the CMA Awards last November. 

Then, earlier this week, Reba McEntire invited her to join the Grand Ole Opry. 

All of this combined has some fans calling her the new Queen of Country Music. 

Before performing on The Voice season finale earlier this week, Wilson shared her thoughts on being called the Queen of Country and how she felt going into the performance. 

Lainey Wilson on Being Called the New Queen of Country Music

“People are hailing you as the new Queen of Country. Have you heard that yet?” the interviewer from Extra TV asked. 

“I’ve heard it. I’ve seen ‘em,” Lainey Wilson said. “I mean, that’s a lot of pressure but I also feel like I’ve taken what I’ve learned from the women who I say are the Queens of Country and I feel like I can do it,” she added. 

Then, Wilson opened up about how she felt going into her performance. “It’s a little nerve-wracking, performing in front of Reba, period,” she said.  The sentiment makes sense. 

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