Hummingbird Cake

So first, let's talk about cake. A tremendously wonderful cake flavor that I had never really paid attention to until recently.   

You know, my good friend had a bridal shower earlier this month. She is from Savannah, Georgia, and she chose hummingbird cake as their wedding cake flavor.   

Sure, I've tried it a few times previously, but I don't recall ever having typical, stick-to-your-fork moist hummingbird cake.  

It's her favorite, and her sister even attended the bridal shower that day. I took a sliver of dessert and sat down to converse with other guests while eating it.  

I needed a moment of silence. In fact, I believe someone asked me a question during the first few hummingbird cake seconds, and I completely ignored them.   

Excuse me, I'm with my cake. Obviously, one sliver became one sliver plus one large piece, strange moments of silence while sitting with cake, and no guilt.  

For years, I believed carrot cake was my favorite cake. Unfortunately, I was mistaken. Tastebuds, you are mistaken. MOVE OVER CARROTS.   

Make room for banana, pineapple, and delightfully flavored hummingbird cake. Of course, we're using cream cheese frosting and toasted pecans.   

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