Fruit Salad

You may believe that a fruit salad recipe is unnecessary, just as it is for mac and cheese or lemonade.   

Sure, you could simply cut and throw your favorite fruits together for quite good results, but if you want truly FANTASTIC fruit salad, you must try this recipe!  

The dressing! I make a simple honey lime poppyseed dressing that is not to be mistaken with savory options such as ranch.  

This excellent and easy "dressing" is a sweet and simple addition that adds a delightful, fresh flavor. The last time I gave it to guests, everyone raved about the flavor.  

Fast: only 5 minutes of preparation! Customizable: use any fruit you choose, or try my ideas (which I recommend at least once because the combination depicted here works so well together).  

Save this salad for your next brunch or gathering, and be prepared to have everyone requesting the recipe!  

Fruit. I enjoy using pineapple, berries, kiwis, and mandarin oranges, but you may use any fruits you prefer. I go into greater detail on the finest fruits to use in the FAQ section below.  

Lime Juice. This is for the honey-lime dressing. Just like with pineapple salsa, you should only use fresh limes here. I normally use two limes to make two tablespoons of juice, but your mileage may vary.  

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