Everyone sees the shirt hanging up – but you have 20/20 vision if you spot the elephant in the room in under 10 seconds

Dudolf made this dirty room brainteaser, which is pretty challenging.  

The bedroom appears to be well-loved by a youngster, with souvenirs of sports and childhood toys on the shelves.  

If you can look past the chaos, keep an eye out for an elephant. This presents a dilemma because, at first glance, no elephant-stuffed creatures can be discovered.  

There's a robot on the top shelf of a bookshelf, a rubber duck, a stuffed bunny on a chair, and even a sleeping cat, but no elephant.  

Set a 10-second timer and do your best to search. If you need a tip, keep an eye out for an unusual elephant. You might not be searching for a stuffed animal.  

With so much going on in the congested room, you may want to quit up, but keep trying.  

Try to divide the space into sections based on larger objects, such as a bookcase, two cardboard boxes, and an additional shelf.  

Do your best to identify each object and take note of everything in the room.If you need more hint, look in the lower right corner. Hopefully, this narrows your search.  

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