Easy Dinners for Weight Loss You'll Want to Make Forever

We've compiled a list of simple weight loss dishes to make getting dinner on the table easier on hectic nights. 

These are simple, headache-free recipes for excellent evening dinners that require fewer ingredients and processes. 

 Each recipe contains fewer than 575 calories and at least 6 grammes of fibre per serving, allowing you to fulfil your weight loss nutrition objectives while still enjoying a great, satisfying supper tonight. 

 Recipes like Toaster-Oven Tostadas and White Bean & Sun-Dried Tomato Gnocchi are easy yet delicious recipes you'll want to make again and again.

This vegetarian grain dish is packed with plant-based protein from quinoa and chickpeas. 

 Prepare a batch of these tasty grain bowls and store them in lidded containers in the fridge for simple, healthful grab-and-go lunches throughout the week.

Would you trust us if we said you could make restaurant-style tostadas at home in 15 minutes? There's no problem! Toast corn tortillas with black beans and cheddar cheese.

Sun-dried tomatoes are the centrepiece of this recipe, adding texture and umami. When combined with spinach, they provide an excellent source of vitamins C and K.

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