Each Zodiac Sign's Luckiest Day The Week Of May 20 - 26

On Monday, May 20, the Sun will move into Gemini, indicating that you once again have the ability to talk your way into achievement. Since the Sun represents your life's actions and Gemini rules your house of communication, you must be open to receiving the assistance, understanding, and support of others if you are to realize your dreams.  


On Thursday, May 23, Venus, the planet of money, will move into Gemini, putting a sharp focus on your financial situation. Venus in Gemini can open your eyes to new opportunities for increasing your wealth and show you where you can find the greatest delight and turn it into a profitable endeavor.  


On Saturday, May 25, Jupiter enters Gemini, bringing with it one of the most incredible years of growth and progress for you. Jupiter is the planet of luck and plenty, and Gemini will support you in embracing new ideas, finding your deeper truth, and realizing that life is more plentiful than you had previously realized.  


On Thursday, May 23, the Full Moon in Sagittarius will rise, assisting you in making the adjustments you've been wanting to make to your daily schedule and professional life. Your well-being, boundaries, willpower, and daily routine are all governed by Sagittarius.  


Though it can frequently help you slow down and make sure that what you are seeking will help you develop the life you want, you are bold and daring in pursuing everything you want or dream of. The start of Gemini Season brings with it a lighter vibe that makes you more aware of your own power.  


With Jupiter moving into Gemini on Saturday, May 25, everything in the cosmos is lining up for you to begin taking bold and daring steps in your professional or academic life. Jupiter is in Gemini and will be directing its energy into your career. Jupiter opens up a lot of new avenues for prosperity and achievement.  


Since the South Node is in your sign of Libra and Jupiter is just beginning its transit of Taurus, you are already feeling a lot of expansion in your life. Even if you may already feel as though you've accomplished a lot, the universe still has more gifts for you and your life to provide.   


The change-agent you've dreamed would enter your life is Gemini energy. Although you've been actively preparing for the significant changes you knew were imminent, it has been difficult to wait patiently for those possibilities to present themselves.  


On Thursday, May 23, the Sagittarius Full Moon will rise in your sign, bringing a personal theme that started around the New Moon on December 12, 2003 to completion. Your sense of self, your values, and the truths that guide your decisions in life are all under the authority of Sagittarius.  


On Monday, May 20, the Moon will be in Libra, which will highlight your emotional relationship to your professional route and work. As the sign of Libra rules over balance, it's assisting you in this area of your life to identify any areas that may need to be adjusted in order to feel more fulfilled.  


Beginning in May 2024, Pluto made a retrograde station in Aquarius, which has guided you on an introspective journey to discover your inner truth and learn how to live an authentic life. Pluto is in Aquarius, a fresh energy that you are still getting used to, but it will help you discover what you really want out of life.   


Think back to December 12, 2023, when the New Moon in Sagittarius happened. At that time, a new chapter was starting in your job sector, and it has since advanced and is prepared to reach a point of fulfillment with the Full Moon on Thursday, May 23. Your professional life is governed by Sagittarius.


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