Country Music Has a Morgan Wallen Problem. It’s a Complex One  

Morgan Wallen is currently the most successful performer in music, except Taylor Swift. It is not Beyoncé. It is not Post Malone. It isn't Drake or Kendrick Lamar. It's Morgan Wallen.  

For better or worse, he's a country star. He's also a part of the largest song in the world, "I Had Some Help" with Post Malone, which will most likely be the biggest smash of the summer and possibly the biggest hit of 2024.  

However, country music, Nashville, and the American people are unsure what to do with this person. After a string of incidents in which Morgan Wallen has embarrassed himself and country music by proxy by being arrested,  

using the 'N' word, and recently being charged with three felonies for hurling a chair off a three-story building, it's difficult to know what should happen to Morgan Wallen.  

Country music's annual ACM Awards were held last week, but you might not have noticed because they were cut to two hours and televised on Amazon Prime. At the time, "I Had Some Help" was already the most popular song in the world.  

Morgan Wallen was nominated for several major prizes on the night, including Male Vocalist of the Year, Album of the Year, and the coveted Entertainer of the Year.  

But Morgan Wallen was not even present. When pop sensation Post Malone entered the stage to sing "I Had Some Help" while his country duet partner was nowhere to be found at a country awards presentation,  

it highlighted how perplexing and perplexing the matter of what to do with Morgan Wallen had become.  

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