This Cold Brew Coffee Chia Pudding recipe is ideal for coffee enthusiasts, since it allows you to drink your coffee while also eating it!  

It contains a lot of fiber and nutrients, making it a nutritious and delicious breakfast option.  

I took the finest part of morning, coffee, and incorporated it into this coffee chia pudding dish. 

So you can enjoy all of the coffee flavor while also getting plenty of nutrients and fiber from your meal. No more passing off your cup of coffee as a full breakfast.  

Chia seeds form a gelatinous layer when mixed with liquid, similar to pudding.  

It's a far more convenient and tasty way to consume chia than trying to remember to sprinkle it on your cereal or salad. And it's much less messy than eating them with a spoon.  

Chia pudding is an extremely nutritious and tasty breakfast option. Chia seeds provide Omega-3s, protein, fiber, and a variety of other nutrients,   

and when mixed with fruit, plant milk, and other delightful ingredients, you have an excellent meal.  

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