Brown Sugar Glazed Baked Ham

Every holiday meal, from Easter to Christmas, would be happy to have this traditional baked ham on the table.   

From Christmas to Easter, from family dinner to New Year's Day, a traditional baked ham with a glaze made of brown sugar is a dish that is ready to be served on any table.  

For this particular recipe technique, a low and moist bake is required.  

Afterward, the glaze is poured to the ham just before it is completed being baked, and the ham is then baked at a high temperature.  

As a consequence, the ham will be delicate and moist, and it will have a caramelized and sweetened edge that will crisp up beautifully.   

Get familiar with the process of baking a delicious ham.   

Discover how long you can continue to consume the leftovers as well.   

Even though baked ham is one of the easiest main dishes you can create for any occasion, even food that is considered to be easy could benefit from a few helpful hints and suggestions.   

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