This is the greatest and most simple Korean beef bulgogi recipe. Thin slices of ribeye beef are marinated in our own special handmade marinade before being stir-fried to perfection. Bulgogi is a traditional Korean dish that is a staple in many Korean homes. 

Bulgogi, pronounced "buul-GOH-ghee," literally translates as "fire meat" in Korean. According to the peer-reviewed Korean Journal, this dish originated during the Goguryeo era (37 B.C. to 668 A.D.).

It went through a few transitional periods, such as grilled beef made from neobiani, before being boiled in a meat broth in the 1960s. Bulgogi was back in full force after the 1990s. 

Bulgogi was later adapted to numerous cooking methods and became the most popular Korean dish.

Many traditional dishes feature Asian pear. Today, we're sharing an extremely easy and simplified bulgogi recipe with you. Asian pears can be difficult to find, particularly when they are out of season.

We use thinly sliced ribeye for this recipe since it is tender and high in fat. However, sirloin and brisket are popular meats for bulgogi preparations. 

All of the components for our Korean beef bulgogi dish should be readily available at any time of year at the grocery store or Asian markets.

Thinly sliced beef is one of the most critical ingredients in preparing superb bulgogi. You can also slice the meat thinly at home. 

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