Banana Bread Overnight Oats

These banana bread overnight oats have the same flavor as banana bread but are served in a mason jar. They're incredibly simple to prepare ahead of time.  

How come there isn't a banana bread overnight oats recipe among all the overnight oats recipes I've posted? As much as I enjoy banana bread, I find this hard to accept, yet it is occurring today!  

Old fashioned rolled oats are ideal for overnight oats. Instant/quick oats and steel cut oats do not absorb moisture as effectively as rolled oats. For banana bread overnight oats, bananas are necessary.  

Almond milk - I prefer unsweetened vanilla almond milk, but any sort of milk would do.  

Greek yogurt adds extra creaminess to overnight oats while also providing some protein. I choose plain Greek yogurt since it is high in protein and low in sugar.   

To make this recipe vegan or dairy-free, you can use a non-dairy yogurt or skip the yogurt entirely and use more milk.  

Pure maple syrup is the ideal natural sweetener to use because it is liquid and combines well with the oat mixture, plus I enjoy the flavor.  

Honey or similar natural liquid sweetener will suffice here. To minimize sugar in this recipe, substitute stevia or monk fruit. Vanilla extract and almond extract are optional, but give a wonderful flavor.  

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