Apple-Cinnamon Oatmeal

Our all-time favorite recipe for fish tacos! These include a ton of fresh ingredients and juicy fish that is expertly seasoned.  

You will want to use this delicious garlic-lime crema for all of your tacos, so don't skip this step!

This is our go-to meal for entertaining family and friends because it's easy to prepare and consistently receives great feedback.  

After eating these delicious and filling fish tacos, you'll feel light and refreshed.   

This recipe can be adapted to feed a smaller group; it is meant to be served at a party. 

My brother-in-law Slavik created it, and almost all of our family members have embraced it.   

I've received a lot of requests to share the recipe, so here it is! This is a great, simple recipe for fish tacos.  

We appreciate you sharing your fantastic fish tacos with us, Slavik. I highly doubt that one could ever grow weary of this dish. P.S. These fish tacos are gluten-free by accident!   

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