9 Delicious French Fusion Recipes to Inspire You to Think Outside the Crepe

Duck à l'Orange is a traditional French meal that pairs fatty duck with sweet, mellow oranges. For a delightful treat of Japanese Duck à l'Orange, mix in tastes such as yuzu and soy sauce, as well as a side of daikon and mizuna.  

1. Japanese Duck à l’Orange

Though French ragout is typically cooked with eggplant, peppers, and tomatoes, this Beninese variation highlights yams.  

2. Beninese Ragout

This dish from Melissa Clark's wonderful cookbook Dinner in French combines swordfish brochettes with harissa, an enticing Tunisian sauce.   

3. Swordfish Brochettes with Basil and Harissa

We now draw inspiration from Santos Anne, a Mexican-French fusion restaurant in Brooklyn and one of Covid-19's many victims. Try to make your own duck confit tacos.  

4. Duck Confit Tacos

Japan has always been obsessed with putting its own touch on French pastries, as evidenced by its Instagram presence. One of the most common versions is "Matcha [insert pâtisserie or viennoiserie here]."  

5. Matcha Eclair

Tagine is to the French what Tikka Masala is to the British: they did not originate it, but they embraced it without hesitation.  

6. Lamb Tagine

The Argentine parsley sauce chimichurri is generally served with grilled steak, but it also goes well with mussels.

7. Chimichurri Moules Frites

BoCaphe, one of New York's Vietnamese-French fusion restaurants, serves a Vietnamese crepe with shrimp, pork belly, shredded carrots, daikon pickles, bean sprouts, and basil.   

8. Vietnamese Crepe

This Indian chicken salad, served over mixed greens and julienned fruits, uses a French Dijon-based salad dressing to combine South Asian and Gallic flavors for a delicious side dish or light lunch.  

9. Parisian Mumbai Salad

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