4 signs someone is manifesting you

Do you ever feel as if someone is thinking about you more than usual? Perhaps you keep hearing their name or seeing symbols that remind you of them wherever you go.  

These could not be coincidences; they could be indicators that someone is bringing you into their life.  

Manifestation, the technique of making wants a reality through focused intention and energy, works on a profound level. In the worlds of astrology and spirituality,  

these manifestations can cross physical barriers, forming relationships between people directed by cosmic energy. If you're wondering if someone is manifesting you, here are four things to look out for:  

Have you seen a pattern of synchronicities or coincidences with the person you believe is manifesting you?   

1. Synchronicities

If you have a strong feeling that someone is manifesting you, you're probably picking up on tiny energetic signs.   

2. Intuitive Insights: 

Do you get strong emotions or odd sensations when you think about this person? Emotional resonance is a strong indicator of an energetic connection.  

3. Emotional Resonance:

Astrology provides profound insights into the dynamics of interpersonal and energy connections. Pay attention to any astrological alignments or transits that correspond with your feelings of being manifested by someone.   

4. Signs in the Stars:

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