4 Signs God Is Preparing You

Perhaps you’ve experienced a series of events that seem too coincidental to be random.  

If so, you might be receiving signs from a higher power, indicating that you’re being prepared for a special purpose. 

In this blog, we’ll explore four common signs that God or the universe is paving the way for something extraordinary in your life.

1. Synchronicities and Coincidence

Synchronicities are often many events that seem unrelated but have more meaning when analyzed together. You may see a constant symbol or meet folks with similar interests. You may be on the correct route to your destiny if these events are divine messages.  

Following your intuition may indicate a greater power. Your intuition can guide you toward your purpose, whether it's a sudden desire to change careers or a feeling of disquiet about a circumstance. These inner nudges may be divine whispers guiding you to your calling. 

2. Intuition and Gut Feeling

Have you had unexpected setbacks that change your path? These events may be evidence that God is aligning your life with His purpose.   

3. Doors Opening (or Closing) Unexpectedly

Peace and alignment with the cosmos are common when you're on the correct path. Contentment and purpose sustain you despite setbacks and uncertainties.   

4. Feeling a Sense of Peace and Alignment

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