4 Joyful Baby Names for Girls That Mean 'Happy' from Various Traditions

We've been on a wild trip over the last several months, and you may be drawn to the concept of a baby name for your newborn that conveys joy.    

After all, we could all use more of it. Happy baby names are simply those that are historically connected with emotion.     

These girl names come from a number of naming traditions, including Hebrew and Japanese. Nothing is off the table.    

If you are looking for a baby name for girls that means "happy," you've come to the perfect place.     

We dug hard into names and their meanings to find the most visually appealing possibilities with ideal, happy connotations.    

Alanis Morissette, a singer, popularized this name twist. She was called after her father, Alan, who claimed to have discovered this version in a Greek newspaper.     


While Alanis has never been one of the top 1000 baby names for girls in the United States, Elza was once there.    


Kiki appeared alongside other French names such as Coco, Gigi, Fifi, and Lulu.     


Rena spent 109 years on the US top 1000 before falling out of vogue in 1988. We believe it is time to bring this one back!     


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