10 Worst Character Arcs In The MCU, Ranked


Director Chloé Zhao's indie photography and unique tone made Eternals the MCU's first. It introduced several new characters, including the superhuman Eternals who exterminated Deviants from Earth.  

Baron Mordo 

Doctor Strange became one of the Ancient One's closest pals after Masters of the Mystic Arts member Baron Mordo let him inside Kamar-Taj despite his advice.  


Malekith, an MCU villain with wasted potential, is forgettable. He was the vicious, violent Dark Elf leader who would do everything for his species.   


At the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Pietro Maximoff and Wanda appeared mid-credits. The two were destined for great things in the MCU, but only one came true.   

Ralph Bohner 

After his Age of Ultron death looked permanent, WandaVision viewers were shocked to see Pietro return. This seemed like an old character returning, and Evan Peters as Pietro was a throwback to X-Men.   

Sharon Carter 

Sharon Carter started off her MCU arc as an incredibly intriguing character. The great-niece of Peggy Carter, she built a legacy as a great agent in her own right.  


Despite being one of the first Avengers in the MCU, Hulk has failed to develop.   

Scarlet Witch 

Most MCU characters have suffered, but Scarlet Witch has suffered the most. She lost her parents early and was experimented on.  


Gamora helped make the Guardians one of the MCU's most beloved characters.   


Thor, unlike Hulk, started his MCU character arc well. Arrogant at first, his father's acts in Thor humble him.  

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