you’ve got high IQ and 20/20 vision if you can spot the bee in 20 seconds 

Among the puzzle's endearing features are a bear gathering butterflies and a raccoon devouring an apple.  

The cheerful picture, created by well-known artist Gergely Dudás, captures spectators' attention with its vibrant flowers and amusing animals.  

When one first glances at the illusion, one can see the raccoon and bear, as well as a lamb, rabbit, fox, porcupine, butterflies, and even two penguins.  

However, viewers with keen eyes will notice another concealed creature upon closer examination.  

This one possesses two wings, six legs, and a stinger.That could mean you have 20/20 vision if you can locate the secret bee in less than 20 seconds.  

The small drone is eating pollen, much like all the contented animals in this hallucinatin.

Your rapid observation suggests that you possess a high IQ.Do you need help? The color of the bee, flowers, and butterflies are all the same.  

This is your last chance, before the solution is disclosed, to locate the busy bug on your own.  

It has been demonstrated that brainteasers improve mental clarity and cognitive function.  

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