Your Partner's Absolutely Justifiable Reason for Ignoring You 

You're not having enough physical connection in your long-term relationship. A common complaint, but a significant issue. You realize that intimacy decreases as your relationship matures.  

However, knowing that's "normal" doesn't help, right? We blame shifting hormones, endless "to-do" lists, and tiredness, but resentment is the main cause of couples' intimacy decline.  

Resentful partners don't want closeness! It destroys trust, desire, connection, romance, and pleasure.  

Because it stealthily grows and festers in the dark, like mold  

Feeling it damages relationships over time, even though you can't see or smell it (and no one is talking about it). First, it kills intimacy and connection.   

Resentment is the tense sensation between you and your partner when things aren't right.   

Not speaking openly but conveying emotion through tone, sarcasm, or "eggshell walking."  

Resentment makes your partner feel let down, unwanted, undervalued, and unimportant, making them feel upset and apprehensive about your future  

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