When Pallas enters Scorpio on May 16, five zodiac signs will have lovely horoscopes.

Follow the wind or your heart. That's Thursday, May 16, 2024's profound message. Which path you pick? Naturally, Aries, Libra, Leo, Sagittarius, and Pisces will have the best horoscopes under this influence.  

The first notable astrological transit is Pallas Retrograde leaving Sagittarius and entering Scorpio on May 16. This begins a subtle era for the collective where our deepest, most hidden, or taboo desires become apparent in daily life  

Moon in Virgo teaches us that what seems perfect to one may not be. Thus, hidden cravings may indicate you haven't identified the correct soul tribe. You may need to address subconscious issues to attain peace and closure.  

Be patient Thursday, Aries. You're nearing a significant milestone or a modest objective. Patience will give you strength and confidence. If you can do something stylishly, why do it wrong?   

 1. Aries

 2. Libra  

 Libra, your soul is lovely. Have no doubt. On Thursday, focus on self-care and release negative thoughts that lower your self-esteem and self-respect. This road leads to a lovely glow-up.  

Thursday's energy is gentle for Leo. This tenderness supports the soul's rightful journey. Be patient and lean in. The time will arrive. Many things are going behind the scenes to give you what you desire, but you may not know it.  

3. Leo  

4. Sag  

Thursday is powerful for Sagittarius. Jupiter, the Sagittarius planetary lord, rules Thursday. Only good and blessings will come from it. Don't be surprised if bigger-than-life possibilities and people appear.  

 Pisces, Jupiter rules you second to Neptune. Jupiter rules Thursday, so don't be shocked by your luck. Prepare to look your best and style yourself before leaving home. You'll attract the greatest when you do this.  

 5. Pisces 

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