What the rise of Bluey tells us about kids entertainment in 2024 Share

 You think of prestige ‘Originals’ like Stranger Things, The Mandalorian, The Crown, Bridgerton,,,

 and Squid Game when you hear ‘Streaming Wars,’ but you're missing the point.  

 Imagine that an animated Australian 2D preschool IP was the second biggest US streaming show last year.  

 Little ones' parents can hear the melodica theme.  

 Bluey, preschool's biggest star, is making money and liked by parents.   

 A sleek ponytail with a wispy white hair tie and bright, makeup-free skin were her style.  

 This week, he received a preview for a "super-sized" episode that looks like a movie.  

 Part strategy, part luck, supported by a great show worth viewing regardless of age.  

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