Trouble Is Afoot in Your Marriage If You're Wed to Someone With This Characteristic

"People pleasers"—We all know them, some of us are married to them, and you'd think loving one is like winning the relationship jackpot.   

What could go wrong with someone who's programmed to make you and others happy? Well... prepare. If your spouse is a "pleaser," you know.  

Why is that dangerous? Betrayal. Because "Pleaser" lies. Not telling you the truth about things—facts and feelings—is lying, but most of us don't realize this because we're so busy getting our way. You think you're constructing a life you both want.  

However, with a "Pleaser," you drive while they sit in the back seat, "just along for the ride" of their life.  

"Pleasers" might marry and have children before they're ready since it's "expected" or "supposed" to do so. Sorry, I see it with clients all the time.  

As their daily betrayals accumulate into a life they never chose, "People Pleasers" typically have affairs. Their unhappiness leads them to "just" cheat or depart unexpectedly.  

While the "Pleaser" makes you happy, they're storing resentments based on the "evidence" of how you get your way, ignore them, and "always" give in.  

While this happens, you may not notice. They silently ride in the back seat with their seat belts on until they open the door and jump  

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