Tim McGraw Updates His ‘Poet’s Resumé’ With Surprise EP

Tim McGraw is following up on his last album, Standing Room Only, with a surprise EP, Poet's Resumé.  

The six-track project is anchored by the opening tune "Runnin' Out of Love," a galloping power ballad that is both angsty and romantic  

"I've tried running away and I ran out of road/I've run out of push, and I've run out of shove," McGraw sings before entering the chorus.  

But I ain't runnin' out of love/It ain't gonna happen/Never gonna stop/It's everlasting."  

On Instagram, McGraw posted a brief comment about Poet's Resumé, describing the effort as a "thank you" to fans, apropos for its pre-Thanksgiving release  

"In the spirit of thanksgiving, I'm grateful to all of you for your support of me, my family,  

and my music over the years. Here's a surprise release of a few tunes you've never heard. Enjoy!"  

McGraw co-produced Poet's Resumé with long-time partner Byron Gallimore.   

The EP follows the August release of Standing Room Only, the country star's 16th studio album and first since 2020's Here on Earth.   

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