Three Signs of the Zodiac Triumph Over Adversity on May 20th, According to the Cosmos  

 Many of us have needed 'inspiration' for job, love, and simply daily life. Life has routines, which are good for continuity, but without stimulation, we get bored.  

On Monday, May 20, three zodiac signs may need that extra'something' to get underway.  

You can usually find something to do. You've been feeling down lately. Monday marks the slump's peak, and you realize you have to act. You won't settle for a log. Moon square Pluto can make you eager for inspiration.  

1. Taurus  

 This transit indicates restlessness and stimulation. You want to find inspiration on your own, not from others. Taurus, the Moon Square Pluto transit is crucial to your life since you don't want to depend on others. It lets you chose, which is the first step to finding anything to do.  

Leo, May 20 brings boredom, which you hate. As one of the most inventive zodiac signs, you feel like you don't 'deserve' boredom. When this emotion comes, transits like Moon square Pluto remind you that you need to discover something to inspire you.  

2. Leo  

Need change and momentum. You've slowed down and may be 'too relaxed.' You've become so used to your routine that you've forgotten how it feels to behave spontaneously.  

Boredom is the last thing you want to acknowledge to yourself. Agh! Not you, Capricorn. You think boredom is for failures, unenlightened, and unimaginative. 

3. Capricorn 

May 20, Monday, shows you that you can create excitement in your life or just accept it. The good news is that you'll reject this offer, so the 'blah, blah, blah' may leave. You will find inspiration to make the change you want.  

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