Three Signs of the Zodiac Meet Their Soul Mates on May 16  

As May 16 approaches, those of us who are fussy about love, passion, and being in and remaining in a relationship may locate a compatible partner.  

 With a Waxing Gibbous Moon in Virgo, we're getting there—we're fussy but not impossible. The search for this exceptional person is 'open'.  

Cancer, the universe seems to be smiling down on you, letting you know that your soulmate is finally here. While trust and attraction are important, you must be compatible with this person for it to work, and it appears that on May 16, this will happen right before your eyes.  

1. Cancer  

You'll find this new person meets your requirements. On Thursday, you'll come as near as you can to finding 'exactly' what you desire in a partner, and you may even feel like this person can sweep you off your feet  

You've always had high expectations for love partners, and it may feel like you've thrown up a hoop for others to jump through to establish their worth. 

2. Libra  

You desire 'everything' in relationships, which means this person must be so compatible with you that they are nearly a mirror image of yourself. But you will discover this person. It will be love at first sight when they appear.  

You've always wanted a romantic relationship where you agree on, like, 'everything.' Spending 'that much time' negotiating with a loved one seems pointless. It shouldn't be hard. Some cases, sure  

3. Scorpio  

However, you dislike the idea of working so hard to preserve a romance. You'll find your goal. You seek compatibility and similarity with a new person revealed on Thursday. A dream realized? Most likely.  

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