This office-themed brain teaser requires you to find hidden errors.  

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Brain teasers are entertaining and difficult ways to think better. They can involve solving an equation, finding a concealed object, or cracking the solution.   

Popular brain teasers include "spot the mistakes".   This challenge presents a concealed mistake image. You have a limited time to find as many faults as possible.  

Spot image errors to improve your observation abilities. You must also use your world knowledge to spot the problem. This improves critical and creative thinking.  

The graphic in this article hides 3 faults. Find all three faults in 15 seconds. You'll have a keen eye and quick mind if you can see all the errors! Tasks boost dopamine and motivate us to work more, therefore brain teasers boost mood.   

Office workers on a busy day are shown above.   However, appearances can deceive. Closer investigation reveals the scene is not ideal. You must find three image errors before the timer runs out.  

How many mistakes did you find thus far?   Brain teasers can bring you out of your routine and develop your brain while enjoying you.   Puzzles like these challenge general intelligence and awareness.   Time is short. Speed up!   

Fifteen seconds may seem brief, yet it's plenty time to test and enhance your brain.   Under time constraint, you must concentrate and think a. This can improve pattern recognition and connection-making. The time is up!  

How many errors did you find in this brain teaser?   Found all the errors? Congrats. Good observation abilities paid off.   If your count was under 2, you can do it. Scroll back up and finish this problem.   The brainteaser solution is here.   

If you didn't locate tiger, keep looking. You may find it if you keep looking. Return to the top of the image and find him without a timer.  Answer to this outstanding seek-and-find problem.  

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