This hard optical illusion features the animal kingdom, but can you spot the smallest creature?  

The cheerful painting, created by prolific artist Gergely Dudás, features brilliant flowers and lively animals.  

The bear, raccoon, lamb, rabbit, fox, porcupine, butterflies, and penguins are seen in the illusion. However, keen observers will spot another hidden creature.  

It has six legs, two wings, and stings. Find the secret bee in under 20 seconds and you may have 20/20 vision.  

The small drone is eating pollen like all the cheerful creatures in this illusion. Seen it yet? Fast sight indicates a high IQ.  

A hint? Bees are the same color as butterflies and flowers.  

You have one last chance to find the busy insect before the answer is revealed.  

Brainteasers improve mental clarity and cognitive wellness.  

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