‘The Masked Singer’ Finale Reveals Identities of Goldfish and Gumball: Here’s Who Won Season 11

 “The Masked Singer” winner Vanessa Hudgens confesses she didn't totally hide: Her friends and followers soon recognized her in the Goldfish costume.  

 “Rita [Ora] guessed it was me straight away,” Hudgens remarked. “But she's my friend. We met a couple days before the first episode!"  

 Hudgens defeated Gumball-playing Scott Porter for the “Masked Singer” award. Hudgens and Porter co-starred in 2009's “Bandslam.”  

 In 2024, the Emmy nominations should honor the best of the creator economy.  

 ‘Flower Moon Killers’ Native Costume Designer Sues Apple for Awards Exclusion Hudgens stated the production kept her unaware of her competitors, despite their history.  

 I tried hard to influence their behavior because I said, ‘I think it would be incredibly exciting if the contestants knew who the other contestants were,,,

 They conceal you. But after my performances, I would sit backstage in my costume, covered, and watch everyone else.  

 From Kevin Hart's whole situation, I laughed. The ride is wild. You never know with ‘The Masked Singer.’”  

 Hudgens said the show's production crew values secrecy.  

 “I didn’t see a single contestant,” she remarked.  

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