The Finest French Toast Recipe

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I never have a Western-style breakfast until much later in the morning since I always start with a Japanese-style breakfast. On the other hand, Mr. JOC eats anything he wants.  

Every time he returned, he brought the same assortment of French toast, Japanese breakfast items, and more. On his nearly full tray, they were stacked high.  

The addition of 1 1/4 cups of ice water was the first item that jumped out at me when I read the recipe. Is it about water?  

He kept exclaiming, "This is sooooo good!" until I gave up and shared my Japanese breakfast with him. It was true; the French toast was very delicious! The fried bread was the most tempting because of its buttery crunchiness, custardy interior, and abundance of tasty toppings.  

Intruding children stole a few morsels from our food. Everyone there agreed without a doubt that this was the finest French toast they had ever tasted.  

Next thing I knew, Mr. JOC had me by the wrists as he led me to the kitchen counter, where the chef was churning out further French toast, and demanded the recipe. I was mistaken when I suggested they wouldn't share out of concern for disturbing the chef.  

I was pleasantly delighted when the chef not only smiled at us but also shared the precise ingredients. It was, of course, for whipping up an enormous quantity of French toast—enough to feed an army! However, we were ecstatic and grateful.  

The chef also stressed the significance of using high-quality ingredients, such as bread, milk, and eggs, which are sourced from a nearby farm in Tochigi prefecture.  

French baguette, rather than white bread slices, will produce the finest results in this recipe.  

6 Ingredients for the Best French Toast


Use good quality organic eggs


A creamier batter can be achieved by using milk that is higher in fat content. If you choose, you can also add a little heavy cream.  


Vanilla enhances the flavor of french toast by providing a rich undertone, even though it isn't the dominant flavor. In the absence of one, you are free to omit it.  

Vanilla Extract 

Sugar in the recipe may surprise you, but don't let it stop you. The recipe utilizes more milk than conventional French toast recipes and has a suitable sugar ratio. You can use less sugar, but I followed the Chef's instructions.  


Instead of cooking oil spray, use nice butter to cook the French toast to enjoy it. Butter flavors French toast.  


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